Camoes Garden Macau and Grotto is in Macau is a largest park located on reclaimed Praca de Luis de Camoes de Macau. Camoes Garden Macau is one of the largest parks in Macau. In the early 18th century, there was a piece of undeveloped land occupied by the Chairman of the British East India Company. After the British moved out in 1835, it was bought over by a Portuguese merchant, who later built his resident house there. Camoes Garden Macau is one of the oldest and largest park and is used by locals for morning activies like exrecise, playing, running etc. The Camoes Garden Macau merchant adored raising doves and his hundreds of doves always hovered near the garden, forming a marvelous scene famous near and far.

After the death of the merchant, the garden was donated to the government and later opened to public as a memorial garden dedicated to Louis de Camoes, a famous Portuguese poet who lived four hundred years ago. Hence the name Luis de Camoes Garden Macau. Camoes Garden Macau is the most famous scenic spot in this garden. After riling the court officials, Luis de Camoes was exiled to Macau and lived in this cave where later he finished the national epic Os Lusiadas.

Portugal's greatest poet, Luis de Camoes composed his national epic "Os Lusiadas" to chronicle the great Portuguese explorations that created the world's first globe-girdling empire. The Camoes Garden Macau small mountains, trees, grass and flowers, every detail of the large tapestry captures your imagination as you walk along the winding paths to finally reach the highest point, the Gazebo.

At the Camoes Garden Macau far end of the garden is a fountain that contains a bronze sculpture entitled "Embrace", specially made to symbolize the centuries' old friendship between Portugal and China.

The Camoes Garden Macau is a great place for a battery-recharging stroll. The Gazebo, a Chinese pavilion at the highest point in the park. Here, stone tables and stools were installed for local people to rest, read newspapers, play Chinese checkers or chess, or enjoy the panoramic view of the city's Inner Harbor.