Dafen Village Shenzhen located on reclaimed Buji Neighborhood Committee, Longang District, Shenzhen. We offer complete Dafen Village Shenzhen tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. In the early 1990s a group of about twenty artists under the leadership of the painter and businessman Huang Jiang took up residence in this town. They specialised in the making of large numbers of replicas of oil paintings by masters such as Van Gogh, Dali, da Vinci, Rembrandt or Warhol.

The Dafen Village Shenzhen is not big, but comprises of many lanes & alleys. Its impossible to get lost. You will be able to visit galleries both large & small. Without even stepping foot inside a gallery you can view 100's of paintings on display. The Dafen Village Shenzhen subject matter varies from ordinary to spectacular, large to small, Chinese to Western. There are also portrait painters, 1 of whom I pass every day. He is excellent & very popular as he is always working on a new portrait.

Dafen Village Shenzhen is known as Oil Painting Village and is the world's largest oil painting reproducting center and is one of China's leading suppliers of high quality oil painting copies. You will find galleries of originals arworks of all sizes in Dafen Village Shenzhen, but the specialty here is really the impressionism of famous photographs and oil paintings. In Dafen Village Shenzhen Piles and piles of paintings are on stand-by as you enter the shop fronts who specialise in different styles. A common sight also are the talented artists themselves effortlesly going about their imitation of Monet's Water Lilies for the 45869th time. The Dafen Village Shenzhen economic might of this painting village is not to be underestimated, with the export of reproduction oil paintings taking up to 90% of total business transactions.