Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum Hong Kong is a theme park located on reclaimed Kom Tong Hall, 7 Castle Rd, Central, Hong Kong. We offer complete Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum is a museum in Central, Hong Kong. It is located in Kom Tong Hall, at 7 Castle Road, Central. After the preparation work undertaken by the Hong Kong Museum of History, the museum was opened on December 12, 2006, so as to commemorate the 140th birthday of the influential Chinese statesman.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum was a world-renowned revolutionary who devoted his entire life to overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and setting up the Republic of China. His achievements were recognised and admired not only by the local and overseas Chinese, but also by the global community. Dr Sun had a close relationship with Hong Kong, where he received his secondary and university education. Hong Kong was also the cradle of his revolutionary thoughts and uprising plans.

Housed in the restored Kom Tong Hall the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum relives the epoch-making accomplishments of this extraordinary revolutionary, offering exhibition galleries that trace his life and close relationship with Hong Kong. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum is a worthy tourist attraction. It is important both as a historical site and as an architectural attraction. The museum exhibits explain not only about Sun Yat-sen and his life and influence, but also about the life of his wife and descendants via pictures, documents, and letters.