Fortaleza do Monte Macau is a Historic Center located on reclaimed R. do Monte, Macau. We offer complete Fortaleza do Monte Macau tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. Fortaleza do Monte Macau, is an ancient monte forte in Macau, one of the part of China's oldest Western-style fort buildings. Built in the 16th century by the Jesuits and later used as a center base of gravity of the military defense facilities in old times, and now it is part of the Historic Center of Macau and one of main attractions in Macau. Macau Fortaleza do Monte Macau is located in the side of the Ruins of St. Paul. Around the Fortaleza do Monte Macau fort, there is giant steel gun which has lost its military role but become testimony of Macau's old relics and history.

The Fortaleza do Monte Macau was built between 1617 and 1626 on the 52 metre-tall Mount Hill,located directly east of the Ruins of St. Paul's.It was constructed to protect the properties of the Jesuits in Macau,primarily from pirates.Later it was seized by the governor for the defense of Macau. Fortaleza do Monte Macau occupies an area of roughly 8,000 square metres. 32 cannons were placed around the fort and the two corners of the southeast wall have watchtowers.

Fortaleza do Monte Macau there is a large open space on the forte which has green grass, towering and lush old trees and the giant steel gun. On the Fortaleza do Monte Macau, there are many historic and cultural relics and historic buildings such as the ancient pagodas which was one of the sites of Society of Jesus.