Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery located on reclaimed Ngong Ping Lantau Island, Hong Kong. We offer complete Po Lin Monastery tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. Po Lin Monastery is a Buddhist monastery, located on Ngong Ping Plateau, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. the Buddhist monastery was built by three monks andwas initially called Da Maopeng. It was renamed to its present name in 1924.The most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong. The Tian Tan Big Buddha is perhaps the most famous. It depicts Sakyamuni who sits on a lotus pedestal in meditation position.The pedestal consists of a three-storied exhibition Hall. It includes the Gongde Hall, the Fajie Hall, and the Sakyamuni Memorial Hall.The Great Hall in the main temple was built in the 1920's and from this point, Po Lin Monastery started to develop as a place of pilgrimage where followers would come to worship Buddha and pay their respects.The Center of the Great Hall are three Great Golden Buddha images.The exterior is likewise impressive with the minute carvings and elaborate details everywhere from the columns to the windows.