Taipa Houses Museum Macau located on reclaimed Avenida da Praia, Macau. We offer complete Taipa Houses Museum Macau tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. The Taipa Houses Museum Macau is housed in a set of old houses in Taipa, Macau. The Taipa Houses Museum Macau is quite different from the other museums of Macau. The complex features five houses each displaying various artifacts and exhibits. The houses were built in 1921. The last restoration was done in 1999. The Taipa Houses Museum Macau "Macanese House" is one of the Macau's typical houses in colonial style. It reminds visitors a period of Portuguese splendor that was characterized by frequent affluence of the British, Manchu, Mandarins and traders in this tiny territory of Taipa Houses Museum Macau. The Taipa Houses Museum Macau, the Carmo Church, the Carmo Library, and the two little gardens, all together, form one of the eight views of Macau. All of these Taipa Houses Museum Macau attractions are located in one area, near and along the Avenida da Praia.

The Taipa Houses Museum Macau government of Macau decided, in the late 90's, to fully remodel the houses and turn them into the Taipa Houses Museum Macau. Taipa Houses Museum Macau is to recognize the important architectural value of the houses and the history that these houses have.