Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple located on reclaimed Chuk Un, Hong Kong. We offer complete Wong Tai Sin Temple tour packages Hongkong, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. Wong Tai Sin Temple is a well known shrine and major tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Wong Tai Sin Temple is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, or the Great Immortal Wong. The 18,000-m2 Taoist temple is famed for the many prayers answered: What you request is what you get"via a practice called kau cim. The temple is located on the southern side of Lion Rock in the north of Kowloon.

There is a Nine-Dragon Wall modelled after one in Beijing. The Three-Saint Hall is dedicated to Lu Dongbin, Guan Yin, and Lord Guan. Containing a portrait of Confucius, the Taoist temple has a collection of Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist literature.

The architecture is the traditional Chinese temple style with grand red pillars, a golden roof adorned with blue friezes, yellow latticework, and multi-coloured carvings. Aside from the Daxiong-baodian or Grand Hall, Sansheng Hall and the Good Wish Garden are also worth seeing. The Wong Tai Sin Temple grounds also feature three memorial archways. The first one stands outside the temple and is carved with the name of the Wong Tai Sin Temple. If you walk past the soothsayers and the fortune-telling stalls, you can see another memorial archway. And if you continue further along the third memorial archway standing before you.

Most of the visitors come to the Wong Tai Sin Temple in search for a spiritual answer via a practice called kau cim. They light incense sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until a stick falls out. This stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and then the soothsayer will interpret the fortune on the paper for the worshiper. Often the same piece of fortune is taken to multiple booths for verification purposes. Some booths offer palm reading service.