Wutong Mountain Shenzhen located on reclaimed Maozai Village, Yantian District, Shenzhen. We offer complete Wutong Mountain Shenzhen tour packages, destination best tour offers and travel deals and Destination holiday packages for family. Wutong Mountain Shenzhen is the highest mountain in Shenzhen. Mount Wutong is a mountain located near the border of Luohu and Yantian in Shenzhen, China. At 943.7m, it is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen. The mountain is also source of the Shenzhen River. The Wutong Mountain Shenzhen most popular entrance to start your pain-taking hike locates at Wutong Village.

Wutong Mountain Shenzhen is one of the eight sceneries of Shenzhen. And it is famous for its highest altitude in Shenzhen as well as its beautiful landscape. Wutong Mountain Shenzhen is the origin of Shenzhen River and locates near the Water Bank of Shenzhen, which reserves water for people in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Thus, the biological system there is well preserved. There is mountain steam running nearly vertically down, big fat birds flying, whistling, jumping among the forest, heavy foist circling around the Wutong Mountain Shenzhen.

The Wutong Mountain Shenzhen stair is sometimes so steep that we need to climb using our hands. It takes about three or four hours to reach the top, and around two hours to climb down.At the top of the mountain, there is a huge stone on which people has carved five characters PENG CHENG DI YI FENG, and marks its altitude as 943.7M. In Wutong Mountain Shenzhen there is also a beautiful horse there, its owner is waiting for visitors to take a picture with it.